Jon Jannings was the youngest of 5 baby-boomer siblings in a very musically-active family. This automatically meant Jon would be listening to & playing music his entire life. Jons parents met in high school band in a Missouri county-seat town. Jons dad was 1st chair Cornet/Trumpet and his mom was 1st chair Clarinet/Pianist. Jons dad formed a H.S. "Big Band" in the early 40's with 6 young men and Jons mom who was the pianist/singer. The band was called "Six Hits & A Miss". We all took piano lessons and we all played at least 1 other musical instrument. I even had a small beginners drum set. As a toddler. There was always music in our home, centered around good times & gatherings. Today, Jon is the proud Father of 2 wonderful young men who are both musically inclined. Jons oldest Son Aaron, plays many instruments including Baritone, Trombone, Piano, Guitar, Banjo, Ukelele & more. The younger Andrew prides himself in many musical genres, excelled in Guitar Hero as a child & as an IT guy, enjoys lots of music engineering. Playing in any & every musical group made available to me, I played both a Baritone Horn & the Piano starting around 5-6 years old. While in high school, I was asked to play the piano musical score for the Jr. High Stage Play production of "Dr. Doolittle". The only paid keyboard gig prior to 'The Overtones' was 6 musicians from our high school stage band played Rock music for the 8th Grade Graduation Dance at the local "Kon-Tiki" Community Center in 1973. Continued playing the Baritone in High School & in Valparaiso University Symphonic & Marching Bands along with Community City Bands for many years. The highlight of those years was being selected to the Illinois All-State Symphonic Band in 1973 and we even cut a live album in Arlington Heights, IL. But carving out time for playing the piano got in the way of High School & College sports of Baseball, Basketball & Football and chasing girls. But I never stopped playing the piano, even writing some of my own music along the way. In the mid-80's I started arranging music parts for 8-12 piece orchestra for Celebration Sundays at our church involving both youth & adults. This involved arranging parts for both beginners & advanced musicians. This lead to becoming involved in playing keyboard again. After meeting my lovely wife-Marla when I moved to the Kansas City area in 2002, I got back into playing keyboard with Contemporary Christian Bands at 2 church communities. Currently I am still playing at my local church in Liberty, MO. How I met the Overtones: Marla & I were in attendance with my Mother-in-law where "The Overtones" were playing an WWII "Honor-Flight" fund-raiser event on August 12th, 2017. Had never heard of them before that day. Trombonist John Byrne followed me out to my car after the gig & said something like, "I heard you're a piano player and we don't have one right now". Two week later I was invited to sit in and they invited me back for another practice... As they say, "The rest is history"!