rian has played with the Overtones several different times and has most recently been with the band for about 5 or 6 years. He is not only a talented drummer, but has also taken on the role of our sound tech! Together with his roadie...errr...wife, Gale, Brian arrives at our gigs several hours early to set up our sound system in order for you to hear the best that the band has to offer. As a sideline, Brian also does guitar and amplifier repair as well as running a recording studio out of his basement!! He has recently retired from his day job as an IT specialist so he has time to play with all his toys and focus on his music. Apparently, somewhere in the process, he lost his razor and so now he's able to double as Santa Claus or a Billy Gibbon (Z.Z. Top) stand-in! :) Brian was born in Hannibal, Missouri, the son of 2 school teachers. He moved to south Kansas City with his family when he was 7. He started playing oboe at age 9 and also took an interest in the drums. Brian joined a drum trio at age 13 and performed at many school assembles in his early teen years. He became interested and played Rock & Roll, Jazz and Blues through his late teen years. During college, Brian toured the mid-west, playing dinner clubs and a variety of music venues. Brian settled in Independence, Mo and then Blue Springs, Mo. He worked in “IT”, running, programming and building computer system designs for major Kansas City firms. Brian has played drums with some of Kansas City’s best musicians within the metro area for the last 40 years. Brian and his wife of 38 years, Gale, are now retired from their corporate jobs and are enjoying their lives. Brian is working in his recording studio and building his music anthology. When finished he is going to create a vinyl record from his works over the years in the studio and shows. Brian has played with the Overtones for many years and enjoys the bands evolution.He lays down the beat and away we go!